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Your organization has news for the media but your time, expertise or knowledge of the Benelux media is limited. Let our team edit, translate and distribute your press releases and post your content in your press room. Send us your press release and images with the form below and our team will get in touch so we can do the rest.


Need a press room to create visibility for all your news? Check out Welcome aboard!


If you need support with operational PR tasks or advice about the Benelux media, you can get in touch with our experienced team.


PR agencies addressing the Benelux media and interested in our package UNLIMITED, can contact René Frederick.


We can also support you with:
Edit, rewrite, SEO optimize, post and distribute your content (€75 per press release)Tailored distribution of your content to relevant media (€75 per press release)A distribution lists (media to where your content has been sent (€95)Translate (EN-NL vv) and post your content (€100 per text)Write content (on request)

1. Send us your content

2. We perform some magic

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Tips We can support you by writing, editing, translating or distributing your content for media in the Netherlands. Here are some pointers:

  • Be focused on the essence of your story
  • Provide us with a clear text
  • Always upload one or more images because this will save journalists loads of time
  • Check your contact details and profile in your press room
  • We will contact you if we have questions about your text
Guidelines We have a few guidelines for publishing your content:

  • Posting your content unedited costs € 15 per post
  • Find the rates for our services below the form on this page
  • Your company is responsible for the contents of your text
  • We will post the content in your account. You can check and edit the text in your press room
  • Send us your text and images before 13.00, and our media updates can distribute your news at 10.00 on the next business day
  • Our team may refuse publishing or distributing your content or text. In general, we will give you our motives and feedback